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Institute for Medical Education Accreditation*

Duration and levels of accreditation

Accreditation standards

Evaluation process

Outcome/consequences of accreditation


Description of accreditation organization

The Institute for Medical Education Accreditation (IMEAc) was established since 2016 as an autonomous entity within the Medical Council of Thailand with the mission of accreditation of medical schools in Thailand and in the region.

The IMEAc has been entitled to accredit Thai medical schools and their medical undergraduate curriculum in continuation from the accrediting task force of COTMES which is responsible for this function under the recognition of the Office of Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education and the Medical Council of Thailand since 2001.

* This accrediting agency is currently recognized by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Programme for Recognition of Accreditation Agencies. This recognition by WFME does not imply that all medical schools operating in this country are currently accredited by the agency. Please refer to the accrediting agency directly for information regarding the accreditation status of specific medical schools

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[Last update: October 24, 2018]