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FAIMER seeks to understand the complex issues related to the supply of, training of, and need for physicians and other health care workers in various regions around the world. Based on FAIMER’s mission, its research agenda, available data resources, and both existing and potential collaborations, resources are directed toward achievable projects, ones where outcome data can be mined or gathered to identify, track, and assess the educational experiences and migration patterns of international medical graduates.

FAIMER research activities are categorized into three broad domains:

With these areas in mind, FAIMER designs and conducts studies focused on international health professions education, including the quality of medical schools and their graduates, and international accreditation, licensure, and certification processes. As with previous research efforts, these investigations are frequently conducted in collaboration with other institutes and researchers, and aim to inform policy makers in government, academia, and various other interested organizations.

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[last update: July 31, 2014]