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FAIMER Institutes

Effective health professions education is central to the task of meeting the health care needs of communities. The goal of FAIMER’s educational programs is to create and enhance educational opportunities for health professions educators. These educational opportunities provide the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance and expand health professions education, with the goal of improving health outcomes.

FAIMER Fellowship Programs - A Pathway for Educational Leadership

FAIMER’s fellowship programs for health professions educators include the International FAIMER Institute, FAIMER Regional Institutes, and the International Fellowship in Medical Education (IFME) program. FAIMER has aligned these programs with each other to create an educational pathway that will allow international health professions educators to become outstanding local resources for improving health professions education.

Fellows begin by participating in the International FAIMER Institute or a FAIMER Regional Institute as an entry point for faculty development. After graduating from one of these two-year programs, selected fellows will progress to the IFME program to pursue advanced degrees in health professions education at institutions worldwide.

Health professions educators who complete this educational pathway will be skilled in implementing curricular improvements at their home institutions that can lead to better health care. Also, they will be well qualified to take a leadership role in developing Regional Institutes.

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[last update: February 18, 2021]