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Dr. Latha Anandakrishna Appointed Dean of Academic Affairs at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences in Bangalore, India

Dr. Latha Anandakrishna Dr. Latha Anandakrishna
Dean of Academic Affairs
Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences
Bengaluru, India

Congratulations to Dr. Latha Anandakrishna (IFI 2019) who was appointed to the position of Dean of Academic Affairs at Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences in Bangalore, India. In this new position, Dr. Anandakrishna oversees the academics of more than 10 different faculties at the university. Dr. Anandakrishna credits the training and experience she received at the International FAIMER Institute, and all the mentors who supported her during the program, for playing a role in this accomplishment.

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Dr. Wunna Tun Is Reaching Out to the FAIMER Community to Request Support for Final Year Undergraduate Medical Students in Myanmar

Dr. Wunna Tun Dr. Wunna Tun

Dr. Wunna Tun (IFI 2018) is reaching out to the international community of FAIMER faculty and Fellows to request support for final year undergraduate medical students in Myanmar. The political unrest occurring in the country since February 2021 has resulted in disruptions to the educational curriculum of these students. Dr. Tun is asking that any members of the FAIMER community who are interested in offering their expertise to these students through an online meeting contact him at

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Dr. Mitra Amini Serves as Executive Secretary for 22nd Iranian Conference on Health Professions Education

Dr. Mitra Amini Dr. Mitra Amini
Professor of Medicine
Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
Shiraz, Iran

Dr. Mitra Amini (IFI 2019) served as Executive Secretary for the 22nd Iranian Conference on Health Professions Education held virtually May 19-21 and sponsored by Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education. The conference’s main themes were evolution and innovation in medical education, mission orientation, and distinction of academic mission in medical universities. Several FAIMER Fellows participated in the panel discussions and other events of the conference. Dr. Irma E. Erana-Rojas (IFI 2019) presented a keynote speech about the AMEE conference report. Dr. Sadia Masood (IFI 2019), Dr. Syed Jaffar Abbas Zaidi (IFI 2019), Dr. Latha Anandakrishna (IFI 2019), Dr. Christina D. George (IFI 2019), and Dr. Doni Widyandan (IFI 2019) presented their abstracts as short communication.

The conference included a roundtable discussion titled Research Supervision at FAIMER. Dr. Amini was joined for the roundtable by Dr. Prattama Santoso Utomo (IFI 2019), FAIMER Global Director Dr. Rashmi Vyas (IFI 2003), and International FAIMER Institute Project Advisor Dr. Bahvin Dalal. Dr. Utomo spoke about near-peer-assisted learning for preparing the national licensing examination, which was part of his FAIMER project. He also talked about the journey of a FAIMER Fellow, including the residential period, monthly meetings, and other information about FAIMER.

Next, Dr. Amini presented about her FAIMER project and her published article, Teaching Clinical Reasoning to Undergraduate Medical Students by Illness Script Method: A Randomized Controlled Trial, which resulted from her project. Dr. Vyas and Dr. Dalal presented the process of FAIMER Fellowship and underlined supervision, supervisory context, and the role of supervisors. At the end of the session, the participants expressed their positive feedback about the meeting and asked numerous questions concerning the FAIMER Fellowship program. Dr. Sucheta Dandekar (IFI 2010) coordinated the roundtable discussion and served as moderator.

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Dr. Luis Carlos Dominguez Named to Editorial Board of the Academic Journal IATREIA

Dr. Luis Carlos Dominguez Dr. Luis Carlos Dominguez
Associate Professor, Department of Surgery/Department of Medical Education
Universidad de la Sabana
Chía, Colombia
Dr. Luis Carlos Dominguez (IFI 2012) is serving on the Editorial Board of the academic journal IATREIA, published through the University of Antioquia in Colombia. One of the most prestigious journals in the country and Latin America, IATREIA is included in several indexes and is in the process of being accepted in PubMed. Recently, Dr. Dominguez and the rest of the IATREIA Editorial Board decided to shift the scope of the journal towards medical education, considering the limited number of journals in the Spanish language on this topic. Dr. Dominguez encourages Fellows interested in contributing to this journal to contact IATREIA’s editor, Dr. Fabian Jaimes, at
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Dr. Chitra Pai Receives Professional Awards for Outstanding Teaching and Innovation

Dr. Chitra Pai Dr. Chitra Pai
Professor, Basic Sciences
Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine
Vallejo, California

Congratulations to Dr. Chitra Pai (GSMC 2009), who, in the past year, received the following awards recognizing her innovative instructional methods, new methods of assessing learning, and the redesign of courses using technology:

  • The First Annual Touro University California Outstanding Teaching Award, a university-wide award from the Office of the Provost and Center for Innovative Learning and Teaching (CILT).
  • The Basic Sciences Teacher of the Year Award, received from the Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine Student Executive Council, for outstanding service and dedication as an educator.
  • Two Touro University Faculty Innovation Grants awarded by the Office of the Provost and CILT for Case Based Flipped E-Classrooms to S.P.I.C.E up the E-Learning of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and the Bedside to Community Virtual Global Health project.

In addition to these awards, Dr. Pai had the following two papers accepted for presentation at upcoming conferences:

  • Case Based Flipped E-Classrooms to S.P.I.C.E Up the E-Learning of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, to be presented at the International Association of Medical Science Educators conference in June 2021.
  • Emergency Remote Learning of Medical Microbiology during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Real impact of Virtual Team Based E-Learning, to be presented at the World Microbe Forum in June 2021.
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Dr. Muhammad Tariq Earns Award for Excellence in Teaching and Teaching Leadership

Dr. Muhammad Tariq Dr. Muhammad Tariq
Professor, Department of Medicine; Interim Chair, DED; Interim Associate Dean, Education
Aga Khan University
Karachi, Pakistan

Congratulations to Muhammad Tariq (IFI 2009), who is the recipient of the Aga Khan University (AKU) 2021 Award of Excellence in Teaching and Teaching Leadership.

This university-wide award recognizes and rewards exemplary teaching and requires the nominees to demonstrate a significant contribution to teaching and teaching leadership.

Dr. Tariq’s colleagues cited the major impact he has made on medical education at AKU and at the national level, with many other medical colleges adopting and emulating the practices introduced during his tenure at AKU. Nominators noted that Dr. Tariq’s consistent, persistent, and dedicated efforts in education have played a significant part in the enrichment of the educational experience throughout the university.

Dr. Tariq co-led the FAIMER community conversion on clinical reasoning in 2014. He also served as an invited faculty member for FAIMER in 2017, as a Global Faculty Advisor for FAIMER in 2018, and as a Global Faculty Advisor for the FAIMER module on Standard Setting in 2019.

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Dr. Farzana Mahdi Organizes Virtual International Conference for Health Professions Education

Dr. Farzana Mahdi Dr. Farzana Mahdi
Vice Chancellor
Era University
Lucknow, India

A three-day Virtual International Conference for Health Professions Education (VICHPE-2021), with an emphasis on “Health Professionals of Tomorrow: Agents of Educational Reforms,” was jointly organized by Era University, Lucknow, India, and Al Sadiq International Virtual University (SIVU), from April 6-8, 2021. The conference involved nearly 40 FAIMER Fellows from all over the world. Professor Farzana Mahdi (GSMC 2013), Vice Chancellor of Era University, served as the patron of the conference and the main organizer. She was supported by Era University Vice-Presidents Dr. Sucheta Dandekar (IFI 2010) and Dr. Nirmala Rege (IFI 2015), and Dr. Anuja Bhargava (MAHE 2020).

The conference featured 12 invited lectures, 53 poster presentations, and more than 600 virtual registrants. Additionally, eight pre-conference workshops focused on the newly introduced competency-based medical education in India. Interprofessional education, leadership strategies, and scholarship were also discussed.

The four current Directors of the Indian FAIMER regional institutes (FRIs), Dr. Thomas Chacko (PSG-FRI), Dr. Ciraj Ali Mohammad (MAHE-FRI), Dr. Dinesh Badyal (CMCL-FRI), and Dr. Henal Shah (GSMC-FRI), led workshops and panel discussions. Past FRI Directors were also involved, with Dr. Tejinder Singh (IFI 2003) presenting on Programmatic Assessment and Dr. Avinash Supe (IFI 2002) delivering a keynote address titled "CBME: Curriculum for Physicians of Tomorrow."

The Director of the International FAIMER Institute, Dr. Rashmi Vyas (IFI 2003), delivered a presentation titled "Faculty Development for Health Professionals Towards Educational Reforms."

Fellows Dr. Arun Jamkar (IFI 2004), Dr. Vivek Saoji (IFI 2003), Dr. Ram Prasad, Dr. Mariya Jiandani (GSMC 2014), Dr. Nishant Manapure, Dr. Himanshu Pandya (CMCL 2007), Dr. Soumendra Sahoo (CMCL 2012), and Dr. Latha Ananthakrishnan (IFI 2019) participated in the panel discussions. Fellows Dr. Rashmi Kusurkar (GSMC 2006), Dr. Purnima Barua (CMCL 2015), Dr. Anand R contributed as workshop presenters. The presentations were judged by 15 FAIMER Fellows now serving as faculty at the four India FRIs.

Training received in FAIMER Institutes, especially the sessions on leadership, change management, and the skills of a change agent, helped to craft various sessions meant to guide the participants across the country.

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In Memoriam

Nermine Kamal, MSc, MD Nermine Kamal, MSc, MD
Chair, Physiology Department
Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine
Cairo, Egypt

The FAIMER family mourns the passing of Dr. Nermine Kamal (MENA-FRI 2020) on April 26, 2021. She was Chair of the Physiology Department at Ain Shams University Faculty of Medicine. It is a huge loss to our FAIMER family, health professions education, and the field of medicine in her university.

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Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri
Professor of Medicine
Federal University of Ceará (UFC)
Benfica, Fortaleza, Brazil

The FAIMER family mourns the passing of Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri (Brazil 2012) due to COVID-19 on April 2, 2021. Dr. Scafuri was part of the UFC Department of Morphology, where he taught human anatomy classes for courses in medicine, physical education, pharmacy, and psychology. He also specialized in general surgery, forensic medicine, and urology.

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Dr. Rita Sood Dr. Rita Sood
Professor of Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi, India

The FAIMER family mourns the passing of Dr. Rita Sood (FAIMER 2005) on April 8, 2021. She was a former President of the South East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME) and represented SERARAME on the World Federation Executive Council for many years. She was also faculty for PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute for several years and was faculty at the other FAIMER Regional Institutes in India.

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