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Dr. Farzana Mahdi Organizes Virtual International Conference for Health Professions Education

Dr. Farzana Mahdi Dr. Farzana Mahdi
Vice Chancellor
Era University
Lucknow, India

A three-day Virtual International Conference for Health Professions Education (VICHPE-2021), with an emphasis on “Health Professionals of Tomorrow: Agents of Educational Reforms,” was jointly organized by Era University, Lucknow, India, and Al Sadiq International Virtual University (SIVU), from April 6-8, 2021. The conference involved nearly 40 FAIMER Fellows from all over the world. Professor Farzana Mahdi (GSMC 2013), Vice Chancellor of Era University, served as the patron of the conference and the main organizer. She was supported by Era University Vice-Presidents Dr. Sucheta Dandekar (FAIMER 2010) and Dr. Nirmala Rege (FAIMER 2015), and Dr. Anuja Bhargava (MAHE 2020).

The conference featured 12 invited lectures, 53 poster presentations, and more than 600 virtual registrants. Additionally, eight pre-conference workshops focused on the newly introduced competency-based medical education in India. Interprofessional education, leadership strategies, and scholarship were also discussed.

The four current Directors of the Indian FAIMER regional institutes (FRIs), Dr. Thomas Chacko (PSG-FRI), Dr. Ciraj Ali Mohammad (MAHE-FRI), Dr. Dinesh Badyal (CMCL-FRI), and Dr. Henal Shah (GSMC-FRI), led workshops and panel discussions. Past FRI Directors were also involved, with Dr. Tejinder Singh (FAIMER 2003) presenting on Programmatic Assessment and Dr. Avinash Supe (FAIMER 2002) delivering a keynote address titled "CBME: Curriculum for Physicians of Tomorrow."

The Director of the International FAIMER Institute, Dr. Rashmi Vyas (FAIMER 2003), delivered a presentation titled "Faculty Development for Health Professionals Towards Educational Reforms."

Fellows Dr. Arun Jamkar (FAIMER 2004), Dr. Vivek Saoji (FAIMER 2003), Dr. Ram Prasad, Dr. Mariya Jiandani (GSMC 2014), Dr. Nishant Manapure, Dr. Himanshu Pandya (CMCL 2007), Dr. Soumendra Sahoo (CMCL 2012), and Dr. Latha Ananthakrishnan (FAIMER 2019) participated in the panel discussions. Fellows Dr. Rashmi Kusurkar (GSMC 2006), Dr. Purnima Barua (CMCL 2015), Dr. Anand R contributed as workshop presenters. The presentations were judged by 15 FAIMER Fellows now serving as faculty at the four India FRIs.

Training received in FAIMER Institutes, especially the sessions on leadership, change management, and the skills of a change agent, helped to craft various sessions meant to guide the participants across the country.

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In Memoriam

Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri
Professor of Medicine
Federal University of Ceará (UFC)
Benfica, Fortaleza, Brazil

The FAIMER family mourns the passing of Dr. Ariel Gustavo Scafuri (Brazil 2012) due to COVID-19 on April 2, 2021. Dr. Scafuri was part of the UFC Department of Morphology, where he taught human anatomy classes for courses in medicine, physical education, pharmacy, and psychology. He also specialized in general surgery, forensic medicine, and urology.

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Dr. Rita Sood Dr. Rita Sood
Professor of Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences
New Delhi, India

The FAIMER family mourns the passing of Dr. Rita Sood (FAIMER 2005) on April 8, 2021. She was a former President of the South East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education (SEARAME) and represented SERARAME on the World Federation Executive Council for many years. She was also faculty for PSG-FAIMER Regional Institute for several years and was faculty at the other FAIMER Regional Institutes in India.

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