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Tuition and Fees*

PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT: Until further notice, the FAIMER-Keele Distance Learning program has been suspended, and FAIMER is not accepting new applications for the program. Students currently enrolled in the program will not be impacted by the suspension. Please direct any questions to inquiry@faimer.org.

One-time Application Fee:    US$ 100 (non-refundable)

Total Fee for Certificate:    US$ 6,000
The Certificate is a one-year course of study. Students must successfully complete the two modules listed below.

Module 1: Assessment (Eight 15-hour units)
Module 2: Accreditation and Self-review (Eight 15-hour units)

Total Fee for Diploma:    US$ 12,000
The Diploma is an additional year of study beyond the Certificate. Students must successfully complete the six modules listed below.

Modules 1 and 2: As listed above
Module 3: Assessment and Accreditation 2 (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 4: Curriculum Design and Evaluation (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 5: Teaching and Learning in Health Professions (Eight 10-hour units)
Module 6: Research Design (Eight 10-hour units)

Total Fee for Master’s Degree:    US$ 18,000 (plus travel and accommodation fees)
The Master’s Degree is an additional year of study beyond the Diploma, during which students undertake their dissertation projects. Students must successfully complete the Certificate and Diploma level courses as well as a one-week residential session that focuses on dissertation design, planning, and execution. They must also conduct an approved research project and write an acceptable dissertation to earn the Master’s Degree. Students are responsible for travel and residential accommodation fees.


Tuition for each year of study is US$ 6,000.

FAIMER offers an installment plan for those who prefer to spread the US$ 6,000 tuition payment out over four equal installments of US$ 1,500.

Payment of fees is through PayPal. If your country is not listed in PayPal, or if you experience any other difficulties when submitting payment, please contact us at distancelearning@faimer.org.

After you have completed the Eligibility Requirements form and submitted payment of your US$ 100 application fee, FAIMER will send you a link directing you to Keele University’s on-line application system. As part of your application with Keele, please be prepared to provide details of your academic and professional qualifications, including academic transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL scores, and professional references.

* If it is determined upon review of your application that you do not meet the program’s eligibility requirements, FAIMER will refund your tuition, minus the US$ 100 application fee.

last update: June 11, 2021
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