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Module 3: Assessment and Accreditation 2

Module 3 is made up of the following eight 10-hour units:

  • 3.1. Self-assessment
  • 3.2. E-assessment
  • 3.3. Assessment and Selection
  • 3.4. The Role of the External Examiner
  • 3.5. Assessment in Low-resource Settings
  • 3.6. Assessment: A Critique
  • 3.7. Regulation of Health Professions
  • 3.8. Non-regulatory Approaches to Quality Assurance of Medical Education

Students will be assessed based on their completion of four formative Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs), participation in four required unit discussion forum activities, and one integrated module assessment.

Learning outcomes for Module 3 are:

  • To be able to select critically and apply a range of mark types and marking systems
  • To understand the nature, validity, and reliability of self-assessment
  • To appreciate the potential and methods of on-line testing
  • To analyze the relationship between assessment and selection at undergraduate and specialty levels
  • To consider the role and selection of the external examiner in quality assurance of courses and assessments
  • To consider the design of assessments in low resource settings>
  • To understand and analyze different theories and models of regulation and their likely effects and risks
  • To consider non-regulatory approaches to quality assurance in medical education

Students are expected to do all of the above with a critical and reflective approach based on an appreciation of evidence and cultural context.

last update: December 11, 2014
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