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FAIMER DL courses are conducted as fully supported distance learning; there is no face-to-face interaction with faculty, except during a week-long residential session for students in the Master’s program.

Students in the Certificate, Diploma, and Master’s programs complete a series of modules. Each module consists of eight units. Students will be provided with course materials and supporting documentation for each unit, which can be downloaded or viewed on-line. The course materials contain learning activities to ensure that students apply what they have learned. Students are required to complete the learning activities and to prepare a formative assignment, called a Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) as part of each unit.

In addition to the formative TMAs required for each unit, students are required to complete four summative TMAs for each module and a final assignment.

Please see the Certificate, Diploma, and Master’s program pages for the specific modules required for each program. A description of each module can be found in The Modules. Note that, in addition to the modules, the Master’s program requires completion of a brief residential session and a dissertation.

Students will also take part in an interactive discussion forum moderated by a Learning Advisor. Each discussion forum will have a stated level of compulsory participation. Throughout, students will be encouraged to feel part of a learning community and to engage in discussion with peers.

To stimulate critical reflection on course content, video clips of unit authors will be available on the CenMEDIC website.

To aid with research, students will have full access to Keele student services, including the Keele University Medical School on-line library.

Regular feedback is provided to students following learning activities, during the discussion forum, from the TMAs, and following module assessments.

last update: March 15, 2013
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