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Because FAIMER DL provides comprehensive evidence-based training in health professions education with an emphasis on accreditation and assessment, as well as a focus on implementing real and lasting health care improvements, the program offers a wide range of benefits to individual educators, health professions schools, and organizations committed to quality assurance and accreditation in the health professions.

Don’t Take It from Us…

The FAIMER Distance Learning model has a proven track record of success and has garnered consistently positive reviews from participants.

What Our Participants Have to Say…

“The program has made me more aware of my roles in educational matters, and developed my ability to think and select the approaches that will work in my setting. The course material is detailed, up-to-date, covers many contexts, and is presented in a simple language. The assignments are thought provoking, feedback on assignments is timely and stimulating, and there is continuous online support.”

“Excellent course content; well-organized and easy to understand.”

“The program allows flexibility. You are given a module and you get a bit of time to fit it into your schedule. I think that’s very important.”

“I am really amazed at the way the program is designed. Although I have worked in medical education for 10 years already, the program makes me work and, more importantly, think.”

“The availability of faculty is important to me. If I ever have a question I can always email or post a question on the forum.”

“The forum is a great learning tool and I learned much from both the instructors and my fellow students.”

“I am now more confident and knowledgeable in the happenings in medical education at an international level.”

last update: April 5, 2018
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