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Benefits for Accrediting Agencies and Regulators

With its focus on accreditation and assessment, FAIMER DL can benefit accrediting agencies and regulators—organizations entrusted with a mission to protect the public by ensuring that physicians are educated to the highest international standards. FAIMER DL courses provide an opportunity for representatives of those organizations to receive training in the highest accreditation standards, such as those put forth by the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME), as well as quality assurance processes and educational practices. This training can be used to raise accreditation standards and improve the evaluation of medical schools.

Specifically, FAIMER DL provides:

  • Training in WFME standards for medical education
  • Training in the WFME accreditation process
  • Knowledge of regulation and accreditation models as well as international benchmarking
  • Context-sensitive approaches to assessment, medical education, quality assurance, and accreditation
  • The opportunity to undertake a development project relevant to the accreditation body or agency
last update: November 3, 2017
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