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FAIMER-Keele Distance Learning (DL) is the result of an academic partnership between FAIMER and Keele University School of Medicine in the United Kingdom.

Keele University was ranked the number one institution in England for Course Satisfaction by the “University Guide 2018 League Table for Medicine,” published by The Guardian. Keele has also maintained a consistently high overall rank in the Guardian guide, and its health professions program is ranked 1st for 2018.

Keele University is renowned for its innovative approach to higher education and its commitment to encouraging interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education and research. Its establishment in 1949 as the University College of North Staffordshire marked it as the first new university of the 20th century in the United Kingdom. In 1962, it was given University status as the University of Keele. The University’s mission is to be recognized as the United Kingdom’s leading example of an open, integrated intellectual community. Among its aims are to: provide a broad-based education; place a high value on interdisciplinary education and research; produce graduates with a wide range of intellectual and personal skills well-suited to the 21st century environment; use its assets to the benefit of local, regional, and national communities; and work in partnership with private and public sector partners.

Keele University offers exceptional postgraduate courses in a broad range of health professions including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and physiotherapy. Keele’s faculty is world-class, and many faculty members are leaders in their fields. The curriculum at Keele School of Medicine is modern and highly integrated. It combines a range of learning strategies including problem-based learning, early clinical experience, integrated communication and clinical skills teaching, lectures, seminars, practical sessions, and clinical placements in major specialties.


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The FAIMER-Keele DL Certificate, Diploma, and Master’s Degree programs will be presented and moderated by The Centre for Medical Education in Context (CenMEDIC) in the United Kingdom.

CenMEDIC is dedicated to using knowledge and skills to support the development of medical education that is sensitive to context and to local needs and conditions. Emphasis at CenMEDIC is placed on:

  1. Sustainability – leaving colleagues with the skills and knowledge to continue independently
  2. Flexibility – tailoring original world-class solutions to problems identified locally
  3. Sensitivity to context – ensuring that physical, economic and human resources, and cultural context are central to the work

FAIMER-Keele DL modules are developed, presented, and facilitated by experts in health professions education under the leadership of FAIMER faculty member Janet Grant, Ph.D., Director of CenMEDIC and Emerita Professor of Education in Medicine at The Open University, as well as Honorary Professor in the University College London Medical School in the United Kingdom. More than 120 international experts have contributed to writing the course materials.

last update: October 18, 2017
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